Our resource list is constantly evolving as we learn new information, so check back often. If you don't see a topic you're looking for or have one you'd like to recommend, please reach out to us! 


North Andover public Schools: Resource List for Families

North Andover Parent Advisory Council 

We have a lot of cross-over between our group and NAPAC. Delving into their site will be very helpful in your search for resources.

Child Mind Institute

A non-profit resource for overall mental health and learning disorders. This is a good place to start for information and guidance on various topics. Articles from this resource will be placed in their specific areas below.

Mindful Minutes

Fifth grade teacher, Kelly Roache, is also a mindfulness instructor and graciously shares with us her monthly Mindful Minutes. Click above to read the most recent.


ADDitude Website and Magazine

This is an amazing resource for those with ADHD and other learning disabilities. It also discusses the cross-overs with anxiety, executive function and other mental health pieces. 


A non-profit that offers help and guidance for parents/caregivers, schools and ADHDers themselves. Scroll down on the home page to fill out a mad-libs type sentence that will help you easily find resources.

PTS Coaching

Cindy Goldrich, Ed. M., ADHD-CCSP of PTS Coaching is an experienced speaker, ADHD coach and recognized expert on ADHD, Executive Function, and parenting. She presented her "Top Ten Strategies for Parenting

Children & Teens with ADHD/Executive Function Challenges" to us in 2022. 

Click here to view her slides.

Click here to watch a similar presentation done by Cindy. Her piece starts at the 4:48 minute mark.


Resources from Indie Flix, the makers of Angst

Lynn Lyons

A local expert and national speaker on Anxiety. Check out her podcast FlusterClux!

Be Well With SEL

A local therapist that offers whole class and small group lessons, including anxiety, mindfulness, self esteem, anger management, self-regulation/behavioral control, friendship skills, school readiness and more. 

Child Mind Institute

A non-profit resource for overall mental health and learning disorders. Articles to common questions we've fielded are linked below:

"When Kids Refuse to Go to School." School refusal and how to get kids back in class."Should Kids Take Mental Health Days?" When taking a break is helpful, and when it's not."When to Push your Children." And when to know when you're pushing too hard."How to Help Kids that are Too Hard on Themselves." "Supporting the Emotional Needs of Kids with Learning Disabilities.""Does your Child Lack Motivation?" What this could mean.

Mental Health in Athletes with Boston Children's Hospital

This 60-minute video discusses the mental health of athletes (youth to college and beyond). While athletics has tended to have a positive effect, experts are now seeing an increase in depression, anxiety and eating disorders. 

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders: The Silent Epidemic

Click here to watch a 48-minute presentation by Dr. Michael Chiumiento, a leading expert in Eating Disorders. Hosted by NAPRN, Dr. Chiumiento discusses the different types of eating disorders, the warning signs, and how you can help those you think might be struggling with one.

ADDitude Magazine

Additude Magazine and it's website isn't just for ADHD, but also for some other disorders. You can find a lot of resources for Eating Disorders on this website as there's a strong dotted-line between the two. In fact, click here to watch and excellent video that explaining its relationship, and offers tips on how to help your son or daughter.


The Multi-service Eating Disorders Association (MEDA) is a non-profit based in New England that provides education and support for eating disorders and their underlying causes.


The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals and families affected by eating disorders. They offer a hotline for information, and a crisis text line  24/7 for immediate support. 

Walden Behavioral Care

A facility that offers multilevel treatment for eating disorders for all ages and genders. 

ANAD Peer Support Group

This entire site, run by the Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders organization is an excellent resource. This specific link above brings you to their peer Support Group, which is very helpful as therapists are hard to find at the moment.

"Addressing Eating Disorders in Middle School and High School"

This is an easy to follow article that gives an excellent overview of what an eating disorder is.

Maudsley Parents

This is a  volunteer organization of parents who have helped their children recover from anorexia and bulimia through the use of Family-Based Treatment, also known as the Maudsley approach, an evidence-based therapy for eating disorders. 

Internet Safety

NAMS Digital Literacy "Helpful Links" for Parents Website

North Andover Middle School teacher, Mr. Sturtevant, knows your kids best and is therefore constantly updating his page with the latest information in digital literacy. This is a great place to start in your search for Internet Safety information.  

Katie Greer is an internationally known speaker on internet safety (she spoke at our school in January 2023!). Her website and social media pages are full of advise and articles. Visit her website at:

Common Sense Media for Parents

A library of resources for families about device usage, media consumption, even app and show/movie reviews by age.

"Why Social Media is Not Smart for Middle School Kids" by Victoria L. Dunckley, MD. An excellent article that gets behind the science of why tween/teen brains are too young for social media.

"A what age should a kid get a phone?" Experts give their advice in this article by PureWow. 

Questions about Discord? Read this article about it's dangers.

Parent Self-Care

Click here to watch her discussion (includes a two minute meditation).

Dr. Maureen Magauran offers a holistic approach to parenting self-care. She spoke with our group in March 2023 to help guide parents in overcoming stress and anxiety, and to feel more calm, confident and clear. Visit her website at:

Try two different types of meditations with these links: and  

Clairvision Meditation offers free meditation classes here:

School Anxiety and Refusal

Click here to watch a video by Nikki Murphy, Director of SEL for NAPS, as she addresses school anxiety and refusal, and offers parents and care givers advise on how to help. Additional resources can be found on the school website under School Refusal. Click here to be taken there.

Teen and Tween Dating

The Elizabeth Smart Foundation is an excellent resource for those recovering from sexual assault. They are proponents of somatic therapy, which believes that imprints of the past can be transformed by having physical experiences that directly contradict the helplessness, rage and collapse that are a part of trauma, thereby regaining self-mastery.

YWCA Teen and Tween Dating Presentation

Click above to access the PowerPoint presentation given by Arelis Huertas, Director of Community Based Domestic and Sexual Violence Services at the YWCA in Northeastern Massachusetts in April of 2022. Presentation contains valuable information, including advise on how to speak with your child about dating (best to do even before they start dating), warning signs that your child is in an unhealthy relationship, how to help, and many helpful links for more information.

Below are a series of short videos that show how relationships can become unhealthy and how to spot them. Did you know that 57% of teenagers report knowing a friend or peer who has been hit, punched, kicked, slapped, strangled or physically hurt by their partner. Beyond this, abuse doesn't have to be physical, and this number is much higher.

Behind the Post | Belittling

#ThatsNotLove campaign | Because I Love You - Delete | One Love Foundation

Speak Up! - Teen Dating Violence - Verizon HopeLine

"The Signs" Teen Dating Violence PSA

Short Film ‘Sunshine’ Raises Awareness Of Teen Dating Abuse

Teen Dating Violence PSA

Trauma and PTSD

Child Mind Institute: Trauma and Grief

The Child Mind Institute is a great starting point for trauma and grief for all ages.  

The link below discusses a specific method called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as it relates to trauma. It's a good overall view of how to help:

Trauma Focused CBT through Child Mind Institute

(Confused by CBT? Click here for a detailed explanation of it.)

Read this easy to follow article outlining the steps to take if your child has experienced a traumatic event:

Helping Child Cope After a Traumatic Event

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

This is an easy to follow fact sheet on childhood traumatic grief. Click here to visit their webpage with even more information.

The Elizabeth Smart Foundation is an excellent resource for those recovering from sexual assault. They are proponents of somatic therapy, which believes that imprints of the past can be transformed by having physical experiences that directly contradict the helplessness, rage and collapse that are a part of trauma, thereby regaining self-mastery.

Please note:  The North Andover Parent Resource Network (NAPRN) does not endorse any of the resources or providers listed on the website. This website is for information and education purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as official medical or legal advice. Please consult with appropriate professionals as needed.