Enjoy your Summer Break!

We will be back next fall with more exciting events geared toward parents!

About Us

The North Andover Parent Resource Network (NAPRN) offers parents and caregivers programs on a variety of topics within the parenting realm through speakers, discussion groups, a resource page on this website, and the ability for parents to connect with other parents. Our goal is to balance what students learn in the schools by empowering parents at home.

We work closely with NAPS, the North Andover Youth Center, and many other groups and services within North Andover to bring the most important and relevant topics to light. Events are free of charge and open to all North Andover families. 

We are actively seeking new parents or caregivers to join our team. You may offer as little or as much time that works with your schedule. Not sure? Reach out and we can talk!

We rely on donations to run our programs. If you or your business is interested in becoming a sponsor, please email us.

EMAIL: NAParentResourceNetwork at gmail dot com (We are sorry to list our email address in this funny way, but we've recently started to receive a lot of spam and hope this will help solve the problem. Thank you for you patience!)


Have you heard the word "apron" when someone references us? Confused?

North Andover Parent Resource Network = NAPRN = pronounced nay-pruhn

Yep, we're leaning into it!